Tradesman Insurance

If you’re a busy tradesman, it’s important that you have cover in place that keeps you protected from one job to the next. This is where a Tradesman Insurance policy arranged by Friar Street Insurance Consultants Ltd comes in.

Whether you’re a builder, plumber, electrician or work in another trade entirely, we’ll talk to you to work out exactly what risks you face and how best to keep you protected. This could include covering physical things like your tools and equipment but also liability cover for yourself and others should an accident occur on site.

Typical covers can include tool, equipment and materials, own plant, hired in plant, contract works, professional indemnity, public liability, employer’s liability and more. At Friar Street Insurance Consultants, we’ll ensure that cover is tailored around your specific needs so you can get on with the job without having to worry whether or not you are protected if something goes wrong.

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