Motor Trade

If your business is in the business of working with cars and other automobiles, Motor Trade Insurance is for you.

Whether you’re a dealer buying and selling vehicles, or a mechanic with customers’ vehicles on your premises, working in the motor trade carries a number of unique risks that vary from trade to trade. It’s possible you use trade plates to move unlicensed vehicles, or even drive uninsured vehicles. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct protection to ensure that your business dealings are fully legal, and that you and the vehicles you handle are protected.

A Motor Trade Insurance policy can include cover for road risks, stock (including vehicles), liability, engineering inspection, business premises, business interruption and more. At Friar Street Insurance Consultants Ltd, we can tailor your policy to suit the size and nature of your motor trade business and ensure that, whatever role vehicles play in your business, both you and the vehicles you handle have the right protection.

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