Property Owners Insurance

If you own a property that is used for business purposes, Property Owners Insurance from Friar Street Insurance Consultants Ltd could give you the protection you need.

A range of risks including theft, fire, flooding and more could all cause damage to your property and have a real impact on your business. Aside from paying to repair any damage, you may have to temporarily relocate your business while repairs are underway or may even be unable to conduct business completely, resulting in a further loss of income.

A Property Owners Insurance policy is designed to protect your place of business and can be tailored to suit your needs. Typical cover can include buildings insurance, contents insurance, accidental damage, loss of rental income and more.

We can insure a wide range of commercial properties including offices, warehouses, factories, industrial buildings, retail buildings, residential buildings and more, so if a problem with your property would cause problems for your business, get in touch today.

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